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Volná místa

Změna otevírací doby restaurace


This modern, four-star hotel is located approximately 60 kilometres to the east of Prague in the quiet surroundings of the villa quarter in the town of Kolín.

It is the ideal place to combine work, relaxation and social activities. Thanks to the raised land on which it is located, the architecturally interesting building of the hotel provides a beautiful view of the surrounding area from the windows of all its rooms.

The modern design of the rooms offers comfort and a beautiful view as well as all technical fixtures and fittings. The hotel is intended for guests who prefer quality accommodation in quiet and cosy surroundings with an unusual atmosphere, totally different to large hotels.

A little history
The hotel was opened in June 2006 and was built on the site of a historic building dating from the nineteen twenties, of which only the basement has survived and the only some of the original building elements were used in the new building. The old building had a varied history, particularly during the Second World War, when, according to witnesses, it housed the Kolín Gestapo and the local Hitlerjugend branch. The anti-aircraft defence tower on the land also dates from this period.